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About Us

About Us

10+ Years Experience In The Construction Industry

Greenspace Construction Inc. was founded over 10 years ago as a landscape maintenance and construction company operating out of Toronto. We slowly progressed into larger landscape construction projects which included bulk excavation and grading, bioswales, retaining walls as well as parking lot construction and stormwater management ponds. During this time, we performed most of our projects as a subcontractor to home builders, developers and general contracting companies.

As of 2018 Greenspace decided to change our business model to operate as a general contracting company, using the experience, knowledge and partnerships that we built over the many years. We shifted our resources to focus on two major aspects of infrastructure construction; Heavy civil construction and Water/Wastewater construction. Furthermore, we have separated our landscape operation into a separate entity. Under our heavy civil division, Greenspace focuses on park construction, sports fields and venues, as well as road, culvert and bridge work. Our water/wastewater division works on projects such as pump house construction, hauled sewage receiving stations, and wastewater treatment plant expansion/renovation.

With new regulations and a growing need for excess material management, Greenspace Group decided to open a new division in 2020. We are pleased to announce that Greenspace Environmental is now fully operational. Under this division we provide a one stop shop for excess material reuse/disposal. This includes material testing and reporting, locating a reuse facility or a disposal facility that meets the regulation, hauling services and onsite reporting. We work closely with the MOECP, MTO as well as multiple private partners to find the most fitting and environmentally friendly reuse site for excess material that is generated on construction sites.

At Greenspace Group, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, a fair and comfortable working environment for employees and subcontractors, and the consciousness and focus on providing an environmentally sustainable future for construction.

Some of our major clients have included: