Heavy Civil Construction

Having self-performed excavation, grading, site servicing and concrete works, we have a strong understanding of what it takes to successfully complete a heavy civil construction project.
Projects under this division include:

  • Road and Culvert construction
  • Site Grading, Cut/Fill
  • cut and fill
  • Bridge Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Bioswale Installation
  • Stormwater Management facility construction
  • Retaining Walls

Parks and Recreational Space

It’s a joy to be able to construct parks and recreational facilities for everyone to enjoy. We have extensive experience in this division from small parkettes to large soccer complexes and everything in between. Projects under this division include:

  • Large Scale Parks
  • Washroom and Outhouse Buildings
  • Tennis, Pickleball and Basketball Court Construction
  • Soccer Complexes including Turf Installation
  • Splash Pads
  • Shade Structures and Site Furnishings
  • Large Scale Planting, Sodding and Hydro/Terraseeding
  • Playground Supply and Installation
  • Natural Features Including Wooden Seat Walls and playgrounds
  • Electrical Siteworks
  • Asphalt/Concrete/Interlock Pathways and Entry Features


One of the most important and integral parts of any community is to have clean fresh water. With an ever-increasing population, there is a constant need to keep communities fed with this vital resource. Our experienced team of dedicated individuals ensures our water/wastewater projects are completed on time and on budget, allowing for the sustainable growth of communities.
Projects under this division include:

  • Pump Stations- New Construction/Rehabilitation/Expansion
  • Hauled Sewage Receiving Stations
  • Stormwater Management Pond Cleanout and Rehabilitation
  • Lagoon Cleanout/Construction
  • Water Treatment Facility expansion/construction

Special Projects

The special projects division tackles unique projects with unusual challenges. Typically, there are not many companies that can take on these types of projects. We pride ourselves at being one of the few who will accept a challenging project with open arms.

  • Historical Monumental Feature Relocation
  • Heavy Equipment Removal with Gantry System
  • Work around live Train tracks, Metrolinx and CP Rail
  • Protection and Restoration of Heritage Structure